Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Over Maturbation

Im only 15 but i mastubarte striaght for 2 whole years about 4 times a day. Recently i have done 6 times a day. Then i got hurt. my anus started to hurt, erections cause pain. Also, becuase of the constant masturbation i have wasted-- 20 min. times 4= 80 min a day times 7 days= 560 min. times 4= 2240 min times 12= 26880 mins. I wasted 26880 mins this year mastubarting.In all i wasted 591360 mins mastubating for 2 yrs. I could have learned a new language, learned how to play paino or spent time with my family. Rather-- i became addicted to porn, women, and masturbation.

Its been two weeks since i decided to stop and i only do it once a week. I finnally got some control over myself. how i did it ill tell ya guys later.